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© 2018 Evangelist Patrick Saris 

We had Patrick Saris come to our church for a Sunday only but even in that short space of time his ministry accomplished much.

Erdington - Burmingham

The sermons were encouraging but with a cutting edge that also could convict ...

Rijeka - Croatia

also the sermons and the words of encouragement were so good and fit for the people

Codlea - Romania

During the first open-air meeting with evangelist Patrick Saris, we saw 10 visitors coming.

Barneveld - Netherlands

One of the days we saw a drug addict coming in and gave his life to Christ and he is still coming to church.

Cluj - Romania

He prays with great faith for the sick and his sermons makes you smile but definitely a conviction

Ede - Netherlands

It was a very powerful time, and he connected very well with the congregation

Holloway - London

I promised the church that these services would be good.And i can say: it was more than good!

Zaandam/A'dam North