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Revivals Pretoria South Afrika

Pastor Francis Muntumosi

Evangelist Patrick Saris preached Revival in our Church, in Sunnyside Pretoria, South Africa In the month of March 2019. It was a very powerful time. He connected well with the congregation. During this revival, we had the highest attendance every single service. Messages were timely for our people and our visitors. We saw authentic words of knowledge given to people /healings/Salvation. The Church was really encouraged and wanted the revival to continue.

As a Pastor, I spent quality time of fellowship with him. He is a very simple man, easy to get a long with. I felt refreshed and encouraged to have his company. His preaching ministry is to the point with a bit of Dutch Humour while staying in the subject.

I would highly recommend his ministry and believe you and your congregation will be blessed.

Kind regards,


Revivals Holloway London

Pastor Chris Goreman

Evangelist Patrick Saris preached revival in our Church in Holloway in the month of November. It was a very powerful time, and he connected very well with the congregation.

We had a number of people respond for salvation during the revival, 9 in total. We also had our highest attendance on the Thursday night of the opening of the revival. 2 people we’re healed and Evangelist Patrick Saris gave a word of knowledge to a number of the saints in our church, which were very clear and accurate, and the church was really encouraged.

I would highly recommend his ministry and believe you will be blessed by his preaching.


Chris Gorman

Revivals Barneveld Netherlands

Pastor Patrick van Es

During the first open-air meeting with evangelist Patrick Saris, we saw 10 visitors coming. The sermon was very encouraging and visitors were touched during the service. At the altercall, three visitors were crying and gave there lives to Christ.

"Evangelist Saris could pray for a partially sighted woman, and she could see better afterwards. She always saw double and that had disappeared".

A depressed woman was so aware of her sins that she called herself a really bad person. The next day she returned to the service and we saw a noticeable change in her face.Another woman who came to repentance two weeks ago came to church for the first time and was keenly enthusiastic about our meetings and wants to come every Sunday.

Evangelist Saris could pray for a partially sighted woman, and she could see better afterwards. She always saw double and that had disappeared.

Patrick van Es Pastor Barneveld Netherlands

Revivals Ede Netherlands

Pastor Frans Smits

The sermons were received very enthusiastically because of his powerful and clear points he wanted to make. The intensity of his passionate contribution is overwhelming. Patrick connects very easily with the audience. He prays with great faith for the sick and his sermons makes you smile but definitely a conviction

Patrick preaches “quality sermons” with a clear fiery message that changes the church.

Frans Smits & the Ede church …

Preaching Erdington - Burmingham

Pastor Lewis Claxton

'We had Patrick Saris come to our church for a Sunday only but even in that short space of time his ministry accomplished much. He connected with and communicated to the church very well. He gave words to people that very helpful to them.

It was an all round blessed time.

Pastor Saris; thank you for coming'

Revivals Cluj Romania

Pastor Cristi Lungu

My name is Cristi Lungu,

I want to give a small report of what happened during the four days of revival with evangelist Patrick Saris.

It was a very good time with good sermons and words spoken to people. One of the days we saw a drug addict coming in and gave his life to Christ and he is still coming to church.

Two people who had a setback from ministry, after the revivals they wanted to come back and get involved again in ministry. The revivals really helped the church, it chanced the atmosphere and the attendance went up.

We are looking forward to next year to have revivals with evangelist Patrick Saris

Cristi Lungu, (Pastor Cluj)

Patrick Saris | Evangelist


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