Revivals Roquetas de Mar Spain

Hello to everyone.

Greetings from Roquetas de Mar, Spain; I have a great testimony about Evangelist Patrick Saris’ ministry.

This end of October’s revival has been a great blessing for me and Roquetas church, it’s the second time the Evangelist has been with us, the first time he was here (July 2019) the church experienced a new dimension, God took her to an upper level, the Evangelist was sharing the Word of God, giving words to people; I’m saying this, to share why I took the decision to invite Evangelist Patrick Saris again, expecting for something similar or better; Now that the revival has ended, I want to say again How God is faithful; We had 19 decisions in 4 days of revival, people being healed from several infirmities, the Evangelist was giving an accurate word to some church people, and I was hearing from some of them sharing how the word received on July 2019 had its fulfillment, that’s powerful!

I want to thank Evangelist Patrick and his wife Lilly to be with us again, they have been a great blessing and encouraging for my family and Roquetas church.

Pastor Heriberto Lapizco.

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